LANBI offers a wide range of services, with the main aim being for customers to get the maximum benefit from LANBI machines. A great vocation for service has led LANBI to create a solid network of technicians all around the world, and thanks to them, LANBI provides first-class technical assistance and upgrades wherever the machine is located.

All LANBI machines can be connected from LANBI headquarters, therefore our technicians can see exactly what is happening and make the required modifications in the program. Moreover, thanks to the LANBI Digital Platform, machine data is recorded in the cloud, further analyses are performed and the basis for predictive maintenance is prepared.


The LANBI Digital Platform was created in 2019. It is a very powerful, constantly-evolving tool, which allows customers to have in-depth knowledge of the machine’s behaviour. The following data is stored in the cloud and it can be monitored and analysed in real time from any device connected to the internet.

  • OEE split in quality, availability and performance, for any specific period.
  • Number of parts produced in any specific period.
  • Parts produced per model.
  • Tool service life.
  • Quality results and number of rejects.
  • Component service life and recommendations for replacement.

Other features of the Platform are:

  • The data is totally reliable as it is taken automatically from the machine’s PLC, without any operator intervention.
  • The machine sends customized reports regarding the machine’s behavior weekly by email.
  • Machine alarms are identified and analysed in the platform and a detailed report of the stops is provided.
  • Further ad hoc algorithms are programmed for dedicated data analysis.
  • The machines provides the basis for predictive maintenance.


Onsite Assistance
Giving first-class support to our customers is a key priority in LANBI’s strategy. For this purpose and thanks to LANBI’s powerful network, a LANBI technician can be at any plant in the world within 24/48 hours.
Online Assistance

LANBI PLC, PC or Robot programmers are able to connect to any of our machines installed around the world, just by opening the connection to the internet. Via remote assistance, LANBI provides a fast and economic service that resolves many of the issues that may arise and allows machine diagnoses and modifications requested by the customer to be made without any need for travel.

Extended Training

Initial training is always included in the machine purchase contract and it is provided to the customer’s technicians that accept the machine at LANBI and also to maintenance and production staff at the customer’s premises. Moreover, LANBI offers an extended training service in order to help the customer keep the machine in optimum conditions, especially recommended when there is a change in operating staff or when the operator requires further knowledge to increase productivity.

Advanced Service

Engineering Service

More than 50 years of experience in assembly, machining and automation technologies means that LANBI is very well placed to offer a Consultancy Service. An experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers with a background in projects related to ball joints, suspension and steering systems, is at your disposal for product or process engineering support. LANBI helps customers to grow, optimising processes, increasing the technological level and reducing costs. Just tell us what you need and we will help you!

Machine Upgrades

LANBI’s R&D Department works continuously to standardise, improve and reduce the costs of the technological solutions provided, always applying the latest state of the art. There are LANBI machines that have been in operation in the market since 1969, resulting in an opportunity to upgrade existing solutions with new developments, some focused on increasing the efficiency of the lines and others on improving the quality of the parts.

DVP Test Lab

LANBI lines for ball joints and suspension systems such as frames or knuckles are provided with all of the required built-in controls, such as tilting and rotational torque control, axial end play, leak tests and load-displacement bushing pressing control. LANBI also offers the option of performing Dynamic Validation Tests, predicting the behaviour of the systems, ensuring compliance with OEM norms. Fatigue, wear and leak tests are available, including with environmental simulation and underwater tests. Torsional and lineal stiffness control, push out and pull tests and evaluation of stick-slip behaviour are also offered.


LANBI takes responsibility for the complete logistic solution suitable for each destination, by truck, sea freight or plane according to DAP Incoterms. LANBI always achieves the best balance between cost and delivery time for machines, spare and sample parts,and is also available to resolve any other customer need in terms of moving goods.

Machine Diagnosis

When the productivity of a line drops, a combined use of digital technologies, online connection and on-site assistance allows LANBI to diagnose the reasons for this, prepare a reactivation plan and implement the actions for improvement.

Maintenance Contract

LANBI offers different levels of maintenance contracts, with several combinations of commitments, advantages and bonuses, such as free connection to the LANBI Digital Platform, discounts on spare parts and hourly rates, packages of online assistance hours and one or two yearly maintenance procedures. During these on-site interventions, our technicians not only carry out machine maintenance, they also suggest recommendations to increase OEE, offer extended training or perform any other task requested by the customer.

Spare parts

LANBI has developed a very strong system for spare parts manufacturing and distribution. LANBI also has a long list of suppliers and stores for commercial components, which provides multiple options for obtaining specific materials very quickly and at optimum price.

Thanks to this team, LANBI is very competitive in terms of price and delivery times, supplying spare parts anywhere in the world. We also provide our customers with spare parts for machines made by other brands.