Assembly Machines

As a specialised manufacturer of automated assembly lines for steering & suspension Systems, LANBI assembly lines have been designed applying the latest state-of-the-art technologies, such as pressing, screwdriving, marking, grease or sealant dosing, palletizing, leak testing, torque, crack, vision or dimensional controls. All information related to the product is recorded and traced to each individual part and is available via the LANBI Industry 4.0 Platform.

Depending on customer needs, regarding volumes and levels of automation, different LANBI solutions are offered, from single stand-alone machines to fully automated robotised cells.

Robotized Assembly Cells

Assembly Rotary Tables

High Speed Assembly Lines

Palletized FMS Assembly Lines

Semiautomatic Assembly Cells

Standalone Machines

LANBI standard press

LANBI integrates its own 50 and 100 KN standard electric presses, which include SIEMENS, OMRON or ALLEN BRADLEY servomotors. Force or distance can be programmed as a target and in both cases load vs displacement is monitored, recorded in graphs and saved.

Reduced cycle & changeover times

LANBI engineers are continuously developing solutions to improve cycle and changeover times. The LANBI servo-controlled transfer system allows pallet transfers in less than a second. On the other hand, multiple electrical cylinders are used in the machines to enable parametric changeovers.

Marking & traceability

Most LANBI assembly machines include a laser system for marking a DMC on the parts. This means that all of the data collected during the assembly and control process is related to each specific part and is saved in the machine’s PC. The part’s history is therefore available simply by reading the part’s DMC code.

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