LANBI provides turnkey solutions for transmissions, half shafts, door hinges, pedal boxes, brake levers, together with other automobile parts.

LANBI offers machining, assembly and testing machines for this type of product. Different technologies are applied, such as cutting, milling, facing, drilling, tapping, marking, punching, crimping, riveting, greasing, sealant dosing, screwdriving, pressing, leak tests, functionality tests and labelling. Solutions are adapted to the customer’s needs in terms of volume and the level of automation. Part traceability is always available through part DMC, available via the LANBI Industry 4.0 platform.


LANBI is using crimping technology for different applications, such as half shafts, hinges, ball joints, electric motors, covers and many other parts. Special hydraulic solutions are designed for each specific crimping operation.


LANBI develops its own automatic hydraulic riveting solutions in order to link metal parts via pins. LANBI also integrates orbital riveting systems and riveting guns, including automatic rivet feeding.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding technology is integrated by LANBI to join or form plastic components. High frequency waves are applied to the plastic materials, which are heated and melted, remaining welded together.

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Automobile Hinge Assembly Line 1082

Halfshaft Assembly Cell 853

CV & CG Joints Assembly Cell 854

CG Joint Assembly Cell 937

Transmission Cover Dimensional Verification 1108

Hinge Profile Milling and Cutting Machine 928

Automobile Body Hinge Machining Cell 1055

Automobile Door Hinge Machining Transfer 1056