Machining transfers

LANBI offers high production transfer solutions for ball joint housings and control arms. Combining turning, facing, milling, drilling and tapping operations on multiple station indexing tables, LANBI provides finished parts in cycle times of less than 9 seconds, depending on the product.

LANBI production cells include automatic part feeding, complete part machining and dimensional inspection, with automatic CNC tool offset correction. LANBI has developed several solutions for automatic tooling adjustment, in order to produce several references in the same machine, minimising the changeover time.

Cells are completed with a tool monitoring system to detect tool breakages and wear and the option of connecting to the LANBI Industry 4.0 platform.

Dedicated machines are available for products like suspension ball joint socket (head & paddle holes), steering tie rod end housing (head & tail), ball joint cannisters, inner ball joint housings and aluminium and steel control arms.

Transfer Machines for SBJ & OBJ Housings

Transfer machines for Control Arms Machining

Transfer machines for Other Applications

Generating head for internal surfaces

Generating head units are the best solution for combining quality and flexibility. Thanks to this system, accurate spherical shapes are achieved by interpolating the cutter movement in two axes and the changeover time is minimised as the tool position is controlled by CNC.

Tool monitoring system

The tool monitoring system is available in order to detect tool breakages, predict tool wear and definitively extend the tool service life. Certain anomalies such as the presence of chips are also brought to light, avoiding scrap parts. This device generates cost savings for customers and reduces the need for further operator part inspections.

Dimensional control

The production processes proposed by LANBI include part measuring. Part control after machining enables automatic CNC machine offsets, avoiding parts that are not in tolerance and machine stops, reducing operator manpower, and thanks to this, it increases productivity.

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Tie Rod End Housing Drilling & Tapping Transfer 1149

Tie Rod End Housing Head Machining Transfer 1101

Suspension Ball Joint Socket Machining Transfer 1131

Hinge Profile Milling and Cutting Machine 928

Automobile Body Hinge Machining Cell 1055

Automobile Door Hinge Machining Transfer 1056

Aluminum Control Arm Machining Transfer 907

Engine Cover Pack Machining Machine 971