Outer ball joints

LANBI provides flexible solutions for outer ball joints, thanks to the experience we have gained during more than 50 years.

Machining machines are available for tie rod end heads and tails, combining turning, facing, milling, drilling and tapping operations on multiple station indexing transfers, with an output of less than 9 seconds per part. Regarding ball studs, LANBI offers complete manufacturing cells including machining, ball burnishing, thread rolling and inspections.

Installations are completed with full ball joint assembly, adapted to each type of interface and boot, and controls such as tilting and rotational torque, with values that can be traced to each part and uploaded to the LANBI Industry 4.0 platform. These solutions are developed by LANBI according to the required volumes and levels of automation, providing fully automatic solutions or stand-alone stations.

Housing machining

Outer tie rod housing is machined using flexible fixtures. Heads are turned both sides and tails are faced, drilled and tapped with servo systems.Thanks to tool monitoring and automatic part measuring, further operator checks are minimised.


LANBI ensures clean and accurate grease dosing between the ball and plastic seat, stud neck and boot lip, by means of volumetric dispensers, controlled by PLC. Let us know if you are unsure which grease to use, we are more than happy to help.

Vision control

Once the ball joint is mounted, it is inspected by camera, using deep learning algorithms to check that the boot and rings are correct and assembled in position.

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High Speed Outer Ball Joint Assembly Line 1057

Tie Rod End Housing Drilling & Tapping Transfer 1149

Outer Ball Joint Assembly Line 1146

Ball Stud Manufacturing Cell 1141

Tie Rod End Housing Head Machining Transfer 1101

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