Engines & electric motors

LANBI has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing assembly and machining machines for automotive combustion engines, and in recent years solutions for electric motors have been incorporated into LANBI’s portfolio.

LANBI machining machines include milling, facing, drilling and tapping operations, with single machining units or multi-spindles.

Regarding assembly solutions, LANBI offers a complete assembly process: screwdriving, pressing, greasing, sealant and Loctite dosing, oil filling, and different controls like leak tests, vision control, functionality tests and labelling operations, providing part traceability linked to the LANBI Industry 4.0 platform.

Components assembly

Both in combustion engines and electric motors, different components such as seals, nozzles and bearings are assembled by means of LANBI presses, and other components are assembled with bolts using electronic screwdrivers.


In order to save tooling and reduce cycle time and the number of machining units, LANBI provides tailor-made drilling and tapping multi-spindles that reduce costs in the engine manufacturing process.

Leak test control

Leak test technology is applied to several combustion engine and electric motor components, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, electric motor housings, inverters and battery packs. LANBI can supply manually loaded or fully automated systems.

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Oil Pan Verification Machine 1085

Oil Pan Leak Test Machines 1078

Electric Motor Robotized Assembly Cell 1046

Cylinder Block Assembly Line 1154

Electric Motor Assembly Palletized Line 1145

Cylinder Block Seal Gasket Assembly Machine 1083

Engine Cover Pack Machining Machine 971

Engine Cylinder Head And Block Screwdriving Machine 973