Ball stud manufacturing cells

LANBI provides ball stud producers with the complete process of ball stud manufacturing, including operations like machining, burnishing, thread rolling, neck rolling, polygonal milling, crack control, dimensional control, heat treatment, thread control and palletising. LANBI lathes are designed to minimise changeover times between different programs and achieve maximum efficiency with very low cycle times.

Thanks to the dimensional control, we check that the main dimensions of the stud are in tolerance and while the cutter wears, its position is corrected through CNC.

LANBI can also make recommendations to customers about the stud coating, taking the most suitable process into account in the design of the line depending on when the coating is done.

Dedicated lines for suspension ball studs, steering rack balls and outer ball studs and stabilizer pins are offered in turnkey mode.

All production data is integrated in an Industry 4.0 platform and even CPK result graphs can be checked online.

Lathes for SBJ & OBJ

Lathes for Stabilizer Link Pin

Lathes for IBJ

Lathes for Ball Joint Housings

Rolling, Cracks & Dimensional Inspections

4-station turret for shank machining

LANBI ball stud lathes include tool turret units mounted on a two axis servo-controlled slide, allowing the ball stud shank to be machined using up to 4 different tools, achieving different geometries through processes like cutting, burnishing, knurling or polygonal milling.

Polar system for ball TNB

LANBI’s Polar System is used for ball turning and burnishing operations. Moved by three servomotors, the Polar System provides the best quality for the ball stud sphere, achieving rugosity values of less than Rz 1 and sphericity of less than 10 microns.

Thread rolling

LANBI provides standard single and double rolling machines for operations like threading, knurling and neck or taper rolling. The rolling load vs displacement graph is available, as well as thread control by means of electronic units.

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Ball Stud Manufacturing Cell 1141

Stabilizer Ball Pin Manufacturing Cell 1129

Suspension Ball Joint Housing Machining Lathe 1087

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