Control Arms

LANBI offers turnkey solutions for control arm manufacturing cells. Depending on the volumes and levels of automation, machines can be stand-alone, semi-automatic or fully robotised. Flexible solutions for axial and radial control arms, FUCA, RUCA, FLCA, RLCA made of steel or aluminium are provided.

LANBI covers the entire process: ball stud manufacturing, including machining, ball burnishing, thread rolling and verifications; housing machining, full assembly and controls: torque control, axial end play and even a wide range of DVP tests.

Depending on the control arm design, one, two or three bushings are assembled, integrated in automated lines or as separate stand-alone machines. Regarding the ball joint, it can be pressed on the arm (cannister type) or fully assembled on the arm as an integrated ball joint.

All information related to the product is recorded and traced to each individual part and is available via the LANBI Industry 4.0 platform.


Rolling is a key operation in ball joint assembly. The LANBI 50 KN servo machine, including the load-displacement graph and monitored compression of the joint, allows customers to handle uniform torque, achieving an excellent performance and extended service life.

Housing machining

LANBI transfers aluminium machine control arm ball joint sockets (roughing and finishing operations) and drill and chamfer bushing holes, including a tool wear monitoring system, achieving low cycle time processes and the highest level of productivity.

Bushing assembly

Thanks to LANBI’s 50 & 100 KN standard electrical presses, LANBI offers a bushing assembly with load and displacement control, using an external transducer to ensure the required drawing tolerances when necessary.

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Aluminum Control Arm Assembly Line 1086

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