Suspension Systems

Regarding suspension products, LANBI provides solutions for knuckles, front and rear frames, electronic and hydraulic dampers, corners, including wheel hubs, in addition to suspension ball joints, stabiliser links and control arms.

Customized machining machines for several applications, bushing presses for knuckles and frames, assembly lines for dampers, including oil or gas filling, reservoir tube hot forming, corner assembly lines and bolt assembly on wheel hubs are available. Solutions are adapted to customer needs regarding volumes and the required level of automation, always integrating the latest state of the art.

Customized machining

LANBI integrates multi-spindle turrets for facing, drilling and tapping operations, which allows parts to be processed with a unique machining head, holding the part and reducing fixtures and handling costs.

Flexible bushing pressing

Flexibility and minimum changeover times are challenges that LANBI overcomes with every project, developing servo-controlled auto-change multi press-in heads. This kind of solution is offered for frames and knuckles with multiple types of bushing.

Tube hot forming

Using induction heating technology, LANBI machine heats the damper reservoir steel tube up to 1,000ºC in less than 3 seconds and closes it by means of a hard metal roller and internal mandrel, achieving the specified shape and dimensions.

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Strut Mount Assembly Machine 935

Damper Tube Rolling Machine 870

Damper Outer Tube Botton Hot Forming Machine 1068

Knuckle Assembly Cell Knuckle

Suspension Frame Assembly Lines Frame

Electrical Shock Absorber Assembly Line 1004