Inner ball joints

LANBI is offers turnkey solutions for inner ball joints (rack balls), including inner ball stud and housing machining machines, assembly cells and thermo-calibration systems, all adapted to the required volumes and level of automation.

Regarding assembly solutions, LANBI assembly processes cover a wide range of operations, such as servo-crimping, tilting torque control, axial end play, marking and thermo-calibration. All data is recorded and traced to each part and can be uploaded to LANBI Industry 4.0 platform.

LANBI offers combined lathes for ball stud grooves, neck and ball machining with ball burnishing, or separate processes, if coating is required between roughing and finishing. Cells are completed with thread rolling and final inspections, all linked automatically.

Housing crimping

Thanks to the LANBI IBJ servo-hydraulic housing crimping machine, available in 300, 400 and 600 KN, an optimal correlation between the housing shoulder and the centre of the ball is achieved, via an intelligent pressing process.


After the machining operation, the inner rod is measured to check that all key dimensions are in tolerance. The measuring system is connected to CNC for automatic offset, and the LANBI Industry 4.0 platform allows all kinds of data analysis.


LANBI provides robotised handling systems with the assembly line. IBJ parts are thus automatically handled from box to box. Vision cameras are connected to robots so fixtures are not required, making solutions very flexible.

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High Speed Inner Ball Joint Assembly Line 1058

Inner Ball Joint Assembly Line 1092

Lathe For Inner Ball Stud 1173

Inner Ball Joint Assembly Line 1147

High Speed Inner Ball Joint Assembly Line 1077

Inner Ball Joint Axial End Play Testing Machine 1066

Inner Ball Joint Semiautomatic Assembly Cell 1138