Suspension ball joints

LANBI, as a specialist in machining and assembly processes for ball joints, offers global solutions for flanged and press-in suspension ball joints, from the housing and ball stud machining to the final assembly, aging, complete testing and assembly on the control arm.

Regarding component machining, LANBI housing CNC transfer machines and ball stud lathes include optimised cutting strategies, tools and part clamping in order to achieve the highest Cpk values and the lowest cycle times.

Full suspension ball joint assembly processes are available for housing, ball stud, plastic seat, cover, boot and both rings, including tilting and rotational torque control, axial end play, leak tests, vision checking and bolt assembly, everything even in less than 5 seconds per part.

Ball pin machining

Ball pins are machined in LANBI CNC lathes using a double clamp. At first clamp, the shank is cut using a 4-station turret and at second clamp, the ball is cut and burnished by means of a polar servo-system. Single and double versions are available, depending on customer volumes.

Axial end play

Axial end play operation is available in LANBI assembly lines or can be supplied separately as a stand-alone machine. The test is done with ±2000-5000 N force and the N/sec ramp is controlled thanks to a servo-motorised actuator.


After rolling operation, in some cases, depending on the ball joint design, the part is baked in an oven at a temperature close to 100ºC. LANBI integrates robotised ovens and after baking the torques are controlled and the assembly process is finished.

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