Case studies

LANBI is a global company with branches in 10 countries. Working directly for OEM companies like Renault or VW, automotive TIER 1 multinationals are LANBI’smain customers. Thanks to its international branches, LANBI is able to provide support wherever the manufacturing plant is located. LANBI is also constantly developing new solutions, facing all of the challenges put to us by our customers. These are key points for building long-term relationships with our customers


Ball stud loading/unloading in less than 4 seconds

LANBI has developed a servo-controlled loading/unloading handling system for LANBI Lathes that has a loading/unloading time of 3,7 seconds from chip to chip (tool moves back, tailstock moves back, machined stud is unloaded, new blank is loaded, tailstock clamps the part and cutter starts machining). This special design increases the lathe’s productivity by 15%.

Assemble suspension ball joint in less than 5 seconds

Thanks to a specially developed servo-controlled high-speed pallet transfer system, LANBI has been able to deliver a suspension ball joint assembly line with a cycle time of 4.7 seconds per part to a very well-known European ball joint manufacturer, including ball joint assembly, torque control, leak test and bolts assembly on the joint flange. With this line, the customer is able to satisfy the high volume demand of the final OEM client.

Link ball stud manufacturing operations automatically

LANBI provides complete ball stud manufacturing cells that allow our customers to avoid intermediate stocks and ensure high-performance production, linking operations such as ball stud shank turning, ball cutting and burnishing, dimensional control, cotter pin drilling and chamfering, neck hardening, thread rolling, crack control, thread control and palletising in automatic mode.